Where do you do most of your driving?

Whatever your usual driving environment, our selection will take you where you want to go – in comfort, style and safety.

BMW i3 city driving conditions

In the city

If you mostly drive in cities, you will benefit from an agile, economical car tailored to demanding urban driving conditions.

BMW Z4 Series country driving conditions

In the country

If most of your trips take you to the country, you will appreciate a car that is versatile and comfortable over longer distances.

BMW 5 Series Saloon motorway driving conditions

On the motorway

A powerful car with luxury features will make even long-distance rides a relaxing pleasure.

BMW X5 Series extreme driving conditions

In extreme conditions

If you often find yourself in extreme weather conditions or on challenging surfaces like snow, gravel or mud, our xDrive (intelligent four-wheel drive) or similar models will keep you safely on track.